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Sustainability manifesto

At Iver, sustainability is a key focus. Our clients include the most sustainable companies in the world. As a partner we are proud to be able to contribute to this. Our core values give us direction in this regard. On the basis of these values, we map out our way to the future. In our sustainability manifesto, we explain our vision of the future in relation to people, the environment, services and the supply chain. We explain how sustainability relates to our partnerships and describe the actions we are taking now to leave our planet greener. A sustainable business? That’s only logical to us.

Our core values

We use our core values to continually assess whether we are on the right track as a company.


Making a positive impact on the climate? We have the knowledge. As experts in wind, it is our responsibility to use it. We also continue to develop, so that we can continue to deliver on our promises.


We commit ourselves to long-term service contracts. Those follow from the long-term plans of our clients, which we have devised together. A sustainable relationship with our clients and their property are our main focus. Throughout the years we will always remain a reliable partner.


Not only do we feel responsible for our work, our people, partners, clients and their properties; we also care for the planet and see that as our obligation.


Together with the leaders of the energy transition, we turn ambitions into reality. It’s only possible to create a more sustainable world side by side. With clients, partners and colleagues.


Our people are our most important asset. We think it’s important that everyone who works at Iver enjoys doing so. That’s why we take good care of our colleagues, by continuously offering the right training and facilitating them with the tools they need to do their jobs. We encourage them to continue to grow in their profession and learn to work together. This is how we get the most out of every day. Clients notice this too! As an employer, we are committed to a lifetime career with Iver. That means we:

Continue to invest in a trusted and enjoyable company culture;


Support colleagues in a sporty and healthy lifestyle;


Making safety our focus, through continuous training and keeping each other on their toes;


Listening to wants and needs for sustainable employability;


Establish partnerships with schools;


Provide training and share knowledge within our own Academy.


Sustainability, cooperation, progress
and the very best training for our experts.

Turning ambitions into reality. That’s what gives us energy, every day. We work closely with our clients, suppliers and subcontractors. The partnerships we enter into are sustainable. How do we invest in the future together?

We are a partner in realizing the (wind) ambitions of our clients;


Together with our clients, we devise long-term plans for the longest possible life cycle of their turbines;


We select our partners on the basis of their sustainability policy among other things, and we keep eachother focused on any point for improvement;


We impose strict requirements on our partners' safety regulations.

It’s only possible to create
a more sustainable world side by side.
With clients
partners and colleagues.

Curious how we can join forces?


The energy transition is now. As experts in wind energy, we have a responsibility to use our knowledge to make a positive impact on the climate. We need to make our planet sustainable, for the next generations and those beyond. We will do our utmost to achieve this. Our work is, of course, a direct translation of this: each year, the turbines of our long-term relationships generate no less than 300 million kWh of green energy. This provides power for 75,000 households in the Netherlands every year! Of course, we don’t stop there. What else do we do?


We are energy positive: with our own solar panels, heat pump and wind turbines, we generate more energy than we use;


We drive electric whenever possible, our service vehicles run on Renewable Diesel;


We give old materials a second life if possible;


We select our suppliers consciously; soon our goal is to only work with sustainable products;

“We are energy positive: with our own solar panels, heat pump and wind turbines, we generate more energy than we consume.”

Want to know more about our vision on sustainability?


Wind is the most beautiful profession there is; every day we work with energy to achieve the goals of our clients, and for the world of tomorrow. It is wonderful that our profession contributes to a greener future. Our services are aimed at extending the life cycle of wind turbines as long as possible. We can respond to any phase, including tomorrow’s turbine. What we do to keep them running as long and well as possible?

Improve the performance of turbines;


Extend the life of turbines;


Minimise the risk of downtime;


Save costs through optimal preventive maintenance;


Taking timely action through constant monitoring.

Our services are aimed at extend the life cycle of wind turbines as long as possible. We can respond to every phase, including tomorrow’s windturbines.

Want to talk about the future?

Supply chain.

A sustainable supply chain includes more than reducing climate impact. We also want to do the best we can for the people who work with us or for us. This means, among other things, that we guarantee a safe, healthy workplace and focus on the vitality of our colleagues. Our supply chain is largely dependent on the parties we work with. We are proud that our clients, as well as suppliers and subcontractors, are making more and more steps in the right direction. Examples include recyclable rotor blades or electric vehicle fleets. We too remain committed to making our supply chain more sustainable. How?

Sustainability is a constant topic of discussion in our talks with suppliers and subcontractors. In fact, it is part of our selection process! We want to remain challenged, and we ask the same of our partners;


We support local entrepreneurship. We are based in wind areas, so we are always close by. With our large international partner network we can also provide local support outside the Netherlands. This is very efficient and good for the environment!


To avoid unnecessary waste, we only use recyclable materials where possible. Packaging we receive is recycled or reused. The same applies to obsolete or broken materials in our warehouse;


Disassembled or broken parts can often be easily reused. We take care of this for our customers, from repair to transport and handling.

“Talking to our suppliers and subcontractors, sustainability is a constant subject.”

How can we strengthen each other?