Maximum efficiency
of your wind turbines
with the logic of Iver.

Expert service tailored to your needs, for

maximum performance and minimum downtime.

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Service at the
highest level.

We get the most out of the wind.
Whatever the challenge, we get the job done.

In the Netherlands and abroad, on land and at sea.
With the best specialists, tools and materials.

The logic of Iver

Sustainability, working together, development and
the very best training for our experts.

For us, this is only logical. With the logic of Iver, you are always assured of the best quality service. There are more things that we consider perfectly normal.

—  Full-service partner in wind energy
—  Tailored service contracts
—  Expert, safe and trustworthy
—  Always direct support in case of malfunction
—  Responsible for your challenge
—  Proven track record of 25 years

This is Iver

Energy for
Our story

Love the wind as much as we do?

Want to combine your passion for technology and
adventurous spirit in one challenging job?

At Iver, you work together with the best professionals. We are team players who take responsibility and continue to improve ourselves. We also ask the very best from you. That’s why we make sure you have room to grow. We give you everything you need to challenge yourself to the max. From training and supervision to materials and tools.

We make the
energy transition possible.

Together with the leaders of the energy transition, we turn
their sustainable mission into reality.

We do this by getting the most out of the wind for our clients. In fact, we have done so Every day, for the past 25 years. We too want to leave the world a better place. For people, the environment and the energy market.

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A sustainable world starts with us.

Our vision? As experts in wind energy, we help clients throughout Europe to achieve their sustainable mission.

To accomplish this, we work together with nature in the best possible way and design our business operations in a sustainable way. We are energy-positive; with our own wind turbines and solar panels, we generate more energy than we use. Our buses also run on renewable diesel and old materials are given a second life. We always go the extra mile and challenge ourselves to improve every day.