Spare Parts for Wind Turbines


Recycled spare parts


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Tools rental service for wind turbines

Our Crane Rental Service for Wind Turbines provides specialized lifting solutions for the renewable energy sector. With a fleet of advanced cranes and experienced operators, we offer reliable and efficient services for the installation, maintenance, and decommissioning of wind turbines.

Tools and technical support

For Vestas V90-3.0MW wind turbines

HJ blade transport frames

Vestas 44 meter blade in HJ frame on trailer

Single blade lifting tools

For Vestas MW WTG’s

Transport frames

For Vestas V80

Lifting tools

For Vestas V80 WTG’s


Spare parts for wind turbines, consumables and tools

Specializing in wind turbine solutions, IVERWIND is committed to supplying spare parts for wind turbines, consumables and tools through specialized partners.

As wind turbine owners increasingly take on the responsibility of maintaining their wind farms, effective spare parts procurement becomes essential. IVERWIND addresses these needs, providing alternatives to traditional wind turbine manufacturers.

If you require enhanced knowledge or resources to streamline and optimize spare parts for wind turbines procurement, collaborating with IVERWIND ensures swift access to the best market offerings in terms of pricing and deadlines, coupled with our exceptional technical advisory service.

Our mission is to harness the power of the wind for our clients, consistently delivering results for over 25 years. Just like our clients, we aspire to leave a positive impact on the world—for people, the environment, and the energy market.

Among our spare parts for wind turbines you will find gearboxes, generators, control cabinets, electric and hidraulic components, main shaft, transformers used, recycled, new.