F&B Group and Certion continue under Iver name

The companies are taking further steps to unify their positioning in the Netherlands and Europe. The merger of F&B Group and Certion was announced back in September 2021.


LELYSTAD / FRANEKER – F&B Group and Certion will be renamed Iver together. The company announced this today at WindDay, the Netherlands’ largest annual trade show on wind energy and sustainability. The name change is part of a broader repositioning of the company, which wants to go public with a strong, unified identity.

Sjoerd Bartlema, CEO of Iver: “Our new positioning is a logical choice. With the same name, mission and vision, we are strategically and financially stronger. It also does justice to our shared culture and lays the foundation for further growth. We believe we will achieve more under one name: in our (international) markets and for our clients, but also in the field of sustainability.”

Working with energy on the world of tomorrow

F&B Group and Certion are known as experts in wind energy; adding up to more than 50 years of expertise and experience. Besides the strong synergy in services, the companies also found each other in their common mission: to work with energy to create the world of tomorrow. It does so by working with energy transition leaders to deliver on their sustainable mission. “Hard work to realize ambitions is embedded in our DNA. This is therefore the meaning of the name Iver,” Bartlema states. “Diligence and common sense are basic principles for acting responsibly and achieving goals.”

Full service partner in wind

Since the merger in September, hard work has been done behind the scenes to merge and optimize processes. The focus here is on sharing knowledge, pooling expertise and merging and strengthening the internal organization. Iver can step in at every stage of a wind turbine’s life cycle and aims to provide its clients with even more complete relief in every area. Sustainable entrepreneurship and consideration for each other will always be at the heart of our continued growth.

Sustainable growth for people and business

“The challenges are becoming more complex and the demand is increasing. Our people are our most important capital. This intensive cooperation allows us to invest even more in the growth and development of our people. That offers many new opportunities. Our companies must also remain a trusted place to work, where sustainability and innovation are highly valued. It’s cool that we can directly apply our knowledge of wind to make the planet more sustainable,” Klaas Meindertsma (CFO) explains.

Sjoerd Bartlema adds: “We work optimally with nature and set up our business operations sustainably. For example, we are energy-positive and old materials are given a second life with us. We have a strong drive to keep developing this. We do this by consciously dealing with our people and environment, but also by taking a critical look at our products and supply chain. We think this is important, and so do our clients. They are leading the energy transition and that requires partnership in all areas.” The name change is effective immediately. Over time, all F&B Group and Certion expressions will be replaced.

About Iver – Experts in wind

Working hard to fulfill our ambitions, with energy and dedication. That is the meaning of our name, Iver. Our company was created from the merger of F&B Group and Certion. Experts in wind. By joining forces, we can use our specialties even better to take the challenges of our clients off our hands. We provide full service to wind turbines with a team of 75 colleagues, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our vision? Together with the leaders of the energy transition, we are making their sustainable mission a reality. We do this by getting maximum returns from wind, on land and offshore, in the Netherlands and Europe.