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HJ blade transport frames

HJ blade transport frames

Vestas 44 meter blade in HJ frame on trailer (watch out for transport height, not possible on public roads).

> Root side frame.
> Tip side support box.
> Root side frame with securing points.
> Blade in HJ frame loading on vessel, frames are stackable to max 3 high.
> Blades stacked 2 and 3 high.
> Blades in HJ frames stacked on deck.

Frame dimensions and weight
Root side frame 310 x 244 x 18 cm and +/- 500kg
Tip side support box 310 x 120 x 75 cm and +/- 800 kg Return shipment 13 frames in one 40ft container

The “HJ blade transport frames” are specialized structures designed for transporting Vestas 44-meter wind turbine blades. These frames are specifically engineered to securely hold and protect the blades during transportation between manufacturing facilities, storage areas, and wind farm installation sites.

Key features and details of these HJ blade transport frames include:

Frame Design: The HJ frames are custom-built structures designed to accommodate and support Vestas’ 44-meter wind turbine blades. They are tailored to match the dimensions and shape of the blades, ensuring a snug fit and preventing movement or damage during transportation.

Safety and Protection: These frames are constructed to provide a high level of protection for the blades. They shield the blades from potential impact, vibrations, or external elements that could cause damage during transit.

Transportation Limitations: The description mentioning “watch out for transport height, not possible on public roads” suggests that the height of the loaded trailer with the blade in the HJ frame might exceed the standard height limitations allowed on public roads. This implies that specialized transportation methods or routes might be required due to the blade’s size or height.

Handling and Loading: The frames facilitate the safe loading and unloading of the blades onto trailers or transport vehicles, ensuring the proper securing and stability of the blades during transit.

Specialized Transport Considerations: Due to the size constraints mentioned, special arrangements or transport routes might be necessary to transport these blades with the HJ frames safely.

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