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Gearbox Mainshaft Tacke GE 1.5s Drivetrain 0213

Gearbox Mainshaft Tacke GE 1.5s Drivetrain 0213

For wind turbines. Used drivetrain, includes Lubrication and coolingsystem. Excludes brakesystem

The “Gearbox Mainshaft Tacke GE 1.5s Drivetrain 0213” is a specific drivetrain component intended for use in wind turbines, particularly the GE 1.5s model. This drivetrain component serves a crucial role in the turbine’s operation, as it facilitates the transfer of rotational energy from the blades to the generator.

Key points about this drivetrain component:

  1. Mainshaft and Gearbox: The mainshaft is a critical element of the drivetrain, connecting the turbine’s rotor assembly to the gearbox. The gearbox helps increase the rotational speed from the low-speed rotor to the higher-speed generator.
  2. Compatibility: It is specifically designed to be compatible with the GE 1.5s wind turbine model. The drivetrain’s specifications and features are engineered to suit the requirements and operational characteristics of this particular turbine model.
  3. Used Drivetrain: This component is specified as “used,” implying that it has been previously employed in a wind turbine system. It might have undergone maintenance, refurbishment, or checks for operational reliability before being available for further use.
  4. Inclusions and Exclusions: The drivetrain includes a lubrication and cooling system, essential for maintaining optimal operating conditions and reducing wear on moving parts. However, it excludes the brakesystem, implying that the braking components are not part of this drivetrain offering.

For detailed technical specifications, condition, maintenance history, or compatibility details specific to this used drivetrain component for the GE 1.5s wind turbine, contact us.

  • Date: 23-11-2023
  • Turbine brand: Tacke/GE
  • Turbine type: Tacke/GE TW 1,5
  • Nominal power: 1500 kW
  • MK version: Unknown
  • Location: NL Lelystad hal
  • Storage Location: NL Lelystad hal
  • Part manufactorer: Eickhoff-FAG
  • Serial Number: 18532
  • Status: Used
  • Weight: 13562 Kg for gearbox only
  • Units: 1

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